Chronology of key milestones associated with Right to Privacy & Data Protection in India

India’s proposed Data Privacy Law is in the news for sometime now. Expected to be passed in the last parliament,  bill has been introduced in the parliament recently and has been referred to Joint Parliamentary Committee. Here are key timelines associated Right To Privacy and Data Protection:

M P Sharma Vs Satish Chandra Case: A Nine Judge Constitution Bench delivers judgement on the basis that Right To Privacy is not protected under Indian Constitution

Kharak Singh Vs State of Uttar Pradesh & Others Case: Supreme Court reiterates that there is no Right To Privacy under Indian Constitution

Justice Puttaswamy files petition in the Supreme Court Challenging Aadhaar on the basis that it violates right to privacy

Jul 31, 2017:
Union Govt appoints 10 member committee under the chairmanship of B N Srikrishna on Data Protection

Nov 28, 2017:
Srikrishna committee releases Whitepaper on Data Protection Framework

Aug 24, 2017:
SC Rules Right to Privacy as the Fundamental Right overturning its own earlier judgements

Jul 28, 2018:
Srikrishna Committee submits report on Data Privacy Framework and Draft Personal Data Protection Bill

Click to access Data_Protection_Committee_Report.pdf

Sep 26, 2018:
SC delivers Aadhaar Verdict, asks Union Govt to come up with Data Privacy Law

Dec 11, 2019:
Govt Introduced Personal Data Protection Bill in the Parliament, Refers it to Joint Committe of the Parliament

Govt Data Protection Framewok Resource:


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