Sidewalk: IT Process Model

In one of the on-line forums, a colleague posted question on processes in end user organisations to ensure effective delivery by IT functions.

A number of times, while implementing any process framework, the focus is on the letter rather than the spirit of the framework. Process framework needs to be adapted and not adopted. The emphasis is always implementing processes as they are rather than customising them to the needs of the organisation. There are well established process frameworks like COBIT and ITIL. I would propose the following IT Value Chain process lifecycle framework, which would have core value chain processes and support processes. Typically, core value chain processes would be:

> Strategise and Architect: Formulate IT Strategy and design IT systems and infrastructure Architecture

> Plan & Evaluate: Plan system and infrastructure implementations and evaluate & select system and infrastructure technologies

> Develop and Implement: Develop and Implement IT system and infrastructure projects

> Enhance & Maintain: Enhance & maintain IT systems and infrastrcture

The above processes could be drilled down into sub-processes and activities such as RFP, System Delivery Management, Change Management, etc.

Examples of support processes would be: IT Governance, Information Security Management, Asset Management, IT Procurement Management, IT Payments Management, etc.

What do you think?

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